Beginning Your Self-Care Journey

Congratulations! It takes a lot of courage to even inquire about your self-care! We at Bay School Counselor are proud of you! Over the next seven weeks, you will be embarking on your guided self-care journey! Each week we will be completing a stage in the self-care planner which is fillable and available in English and Spanish. Follow us on Instagram @bayschoolcounselorllc as we lead you on your self-care journey! Week 1 of our summer series, “Self-Care and Me” starts Monday, 7/5!

Check out the self-care planner stages below:

  • Step 1: Seed Stage
  • Step 2: Appearance Stage
  • Step 3: Discovery Stage
  • Step 4: Growing Stage
  • Step 5: Flourishing Stage
  • Step 6: Blooming Stage
  • Step 7: Replenishing Stage

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