Digital Safety Tips for Parents

  • Remain positively engaged: surf the internet with your children
  • Support their good choices online
  • Keep a clean machine: anti-spy and virus ware
  • Know the protection features of the websites and software your children use
  • Review privacy settings on web browsers
  • Assist children in  identifying safe, age-appropriate websites
  • Explain the implications of sharing information and the permanency of their digital footprint
  • Teach your children how to interact safely with people they “meet” online.
  • Empower your children to handle issues such as cyberbullying by teaching them ways to report it and other harmful online acts
  • Encourage your children to be “digital leaders”
  • Keep your home computer in a central and open location where you can easily monitor to their digital use.
  • Be aware of all the ways people connect to the Internet (phones, tablets, Smart TV, etc.)
  • Talk to other parents
  • Know the rules of social media sites and age requirements

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