• During the digital safety parent workshop, three digital dangers are discussed: 
    • Cyberbullying
    • Lack of Privacy/Talking to Strangers Online
    • Inappropriate Digital Use-Negative Impact on Student’s Digital Footprint
  • Here are quick activities that you can do with your student(s) to combat each one.
  • Stop. Think. Click. Method poster included below!


  • Focus on empathy-the understanding of how someone else is feeling. Taking a walk in someone’s shoes. You can show What is Empathy? video. After showing the video, discuss ways your student(s) can show empathy. 
  • Have a compliment tree. Write down compliments on the leaves and discuss at the end of the week. This keeps positive messages flowing throughout the week. 





Lack of Privacy and Talking to Strangers Online

  • Student(s) who have profiles on sites and social media such as YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat sometimes have public accounts meaning anyone can access their profile page. Some students do this for popularity, likes or even to boost their self esteem.
  • Name art is a quick and easy way to encourage positive self esteem at home. In the middle of a blank piece of paper, the student and/or family member write their name. Around their name they write positive words that describe them. This emphasizes positive self esteem and self image and creates a safe space to discuss self esteem with your student(s).

Inappropriate Digital Use

  • A negative digital footprint can impact students through their lives as universities, colleges and employers are conducting digital searches on applicants.
  • My Digital Footprint activity helps your student(s)  think about their digital footprint and discuss with you about appropriateness of their electronic use.