Useful Digital Safety Websites with Activities!

Explore the websites below: 

  • NetSmartz
    • Includes presentations, games, activities, safety pledges, tip sheets and more for families with student in elementary through high school.
  • FBI CyberWorld
    • Interactive website for grades 3-8. Teaches students about cyber safety and ways to remain safe online.
  • Family Online Safety Institute

    • Featuring sections including “Good Digital Parenting” and “Policy & Research”, this website is a go to for parents of students of any age.
  • Stop Bullying-Government Site

    • This government-sponsored website teaches about bullying and warning signs including cyberbullying.
  • Teen Safe

    • Includes a parent guide on digital safety along with featuring apps that help parents monitoring their young online/technology users.
  • Digital Citizenship

    • Focuses on the norms of appropriate, responsible technology and online use as well as the nine themes of digital citizenship.
  • Cyber Wise

    • Helps parents become “cyber wise” through providing education on topics including digital citizenship, privacy, internet safety and cyberbullying.
  • Megan Meier Foundation
    • Inspirational site started by a parent in honor of her daughter, Megan Meier, a victim of cyberbullying. Parents can learn bullying/cyberbullying statistics, laws and gather resources on the important topic.
  • Common Sense Media

    • This family friendly site features a “Parent Concerns” section, videos, family guides, entertainment guide with appropriate age group(s) and more to keep your students safe online and beyond.
  • Interland

    • Students navigate through interactive game lands including “Kind Kingdom”, “Mindful Mountain” and “Reality River” to learn about digital safety, privacy, being kind online and more.

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