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It’s when your plant is withering, you have to take immediate care of yourself. Sometimes we have the best intentions for caring for yourselves. I know I do. I acknowledge the difficulty in accepting that you may not be adequately caring for yourself and your needs. This week focuses on finding support and guidance during difficult times. It also explains the concept of reframing your thoughts from the positive to the negative. That too can be a difficult task but a very important one. Shifting my negative thoughts to the positive has been a priority for me, but I too have had challenges with consistency in this area. I do understand its importance. Happy replenishing butterflies! 🦋

This has been quite a journey! I hope you are starting to feel in full bloom-full of self-awareness, insight and love for yourself. At this point, you have completed at least five weeks of self-care. During my first few weeks of my self-care journey, I felt a sense of wholeness. I was intentionally caring for myself and that felt amazing! I felt enlightened and encouraged on my destination to inner peace. I was beaming and blooming and continuing to grow. This week we will spend time reflecting, evaluating and adjusting. 

During the blooming stage, you will 

  • reflect on how you are feeling 
  • evaluate if you’re meeting your self-care goal
  • adjusting any goals or self-care activities 

Until next week, happy blooming butterflies! 🦋

I’m just so excited that we are more than halfway through our summer self-care and me series! This has been an amazing self-care journey for me. I’ve learned how to hit pause, focus on myself and be in the moment. Beautiful moments have come out of slowing down to smell the roses. Rather you stop and smell the roses or complete a puzzle with your family, caring for you is essential. Consider how you have been feeling as a result of practicing self-care. I have been feeling pure bliss! I hope you flourish and enjoy your self-care journey. Happy flourishing butterflies! 🦋 🦋

Welcome to Week 4: Growing Stage

Wow! Time has been flying butterflies! Welcome to week 4 of our summer series Self Care and Me! This week we are reflecting on and journaling about how we plan to use our self-care planner in our daily lives. I know since I started my doctoral program, I’ve had to become more intentional about planning time for my self-care activities. One thing that helps me is planning self-care activities with friends. Since my family is back on the east coast, my friends have become my chosen family. Who do you turn to for support in your self-care journey? How do you envision them fitting into your self-care plan? Happy growing butterflies! 🦋

Week 3: Discovery Stage

Hello Butterflies!

It is week 3 of our summer series, Self-Care and Me! I hope you are finding self-care activities that are healthy and helpful! This week you will be marking the self-care activities you already do within the six areas of self-care and also activities you want to try. You can focus one all six areas or just one or two of the areas. It’s your choice! Happy discovering butterflies! 🦋

The six areas of self-care are 

  • Professional/School
  • Psychological
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual 
  • Physical 
  • Personal

When considering how the self-care activities fit into a particular area, look at if it is improving that area of your life. For example, if I chose exercising as my self-care activity, that improves my physical state. If I chose writing in my journal to process my thoughts, that could help me psychologically (mentally). Reflect on what areas you currently work and want to work on soon. Until next time, happy discovering more about yourself butterflies!🦋

Welcome to Week 2: Appearance Stage

The Appearance stage

In this stage, you will reflect on your stress management tools and categorize them as healthy or unhealthy. Refer to page 3 and 4 to complete the Appearance Stage of your self-care planner and learn more about healthy and unhealthy ways to manage stress. Happy appearing butterflies! 🦋

My Self-Care Journey Video

As the founder/owner of Bay School Counselor, I am glad to share my self-care journey with you! It began during June 2020, after I experienced physical ailments due to severe anxiety. I got a self-care buddy who I love and trust, and who for sure holds me accountable for practicing self-care. I can’t wait to share more as my journey to inner peace and continued self-care continues. I am super excited to have you along as you embark on your own self-care journey! Remember Week 1 of our summer series, “Self-Care and Me” starts Monday, 7/5! Happy growing butterflies!🦋

Beginning Your Self-Care Journey

Congratulations! It takes a lot of courage to even inquire about your self-care! We at Bay School Counselor are proud of you! Over the next seven weeks, you will be embarking on your guided self-care journey! Each week we will be completing a stage in the self-care planner which is fillable and available in English and Spanish. Follow us on Instagram @bayschoolcounselorllc as we lead you on your self-care journey! Week 1 of our summer series, “Self-Care and Me” starts Monday, 7/5!

Check out the self-care planner stages below:

  • Step 1: Seed Stage
  • Step 2: Appearance Stage
  • Step 3: Discovery Stage
  • Step 4: Growing Stage
  • Step 5: Flourishing Stage
  • Step 6: Blooming Stage
  • Step 7: Replenishing Stage

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